Can I offer you some kudos though? Seriously… you are the only vendor we work with that offers an alternative solution right away if there is a problem. Other vendors simply just tell me the issue without a solution until I ask for them to solve it. So thank you for being a time saver and understanding our needs!!!
I hope you all know how much we appreciate the excellent service, dedication and professional advice that Blue Fuel provides, day in and day out.


Thanks again for being a trusted partner.
Thanks so much for the excellent service all year. It’s great to work with Blue Fuel!
I can’t believe how fast you have managed to put this together. You offer really great service. And the quality is also great. All the people who have seen the prototype backpack have said how great it is… one of the guys said “wow, that is the nicest gift ever”… That was our goal and you guys nailed it!
You’ve been amazing through this whole process. Thank You so much!
Thanks for all you do for us.


Blue Fuel is a super resource for us and will take great care of you!
Thanks for making us look good in the eyes of our client – couldn’t have done it without you! It goes a long way in proving our value.
First, I cant believe you actually found it! Second, you did it in a ridiculously short time. I felt bad requesting it so quickly and you guys cut that in half. Damn. Thanks so much. I will forward this off to the team and I will unquestionably be contacting you again.
Can you tell me tell me who your supervisor is. Why I’m asking… I want them to know what a great job you did for us on the tumblers. You were so on top of everything and with such a short notice we gave you. Awesome job. It’s so nice to work with a company that is so organized and so on top of things.
Thanks for making this impossible request happen- I don’t know how you guys do it, but you continue to raise the bar every time we reach out to you!
I wanted to bring this to your attention. Chris has provided me with incredible customer service even though I had given Blue Fuel tight deadlines and a last minute situation. I was really surprised yesterday when I got into the office and Chris had sent me the tracking information, and extremely surprised when today I had the delivery confirmation! This is amazing service and you can tell that Chris really enjoys the job.

Thanks very much for the fantastic efforts and I can’t wait to get to work with Chris again!

Thanks so much for all you do! Your great service definitely keeps Blue Fuel at the top of my list when looking for product vendors.

The Blue Fuel team is always so nice and helpful!
Thank you for your hard work on this project and for always finding us a solution.